Fitness is hard. Very hard. Everyone knows it is, but everyone is also willing to risk time and money on the mythology of easy fitness. If anyone, ANYONE, tells you that there is an “EASY” way to fitness, they just want your money. FIT is a book about how to get fit. It defines what fitness is in measurable, observable, and real-world terms. There is no mumbo-jumbo, just facts, practical information, and a logical approach to creating fitness from the first day of training through the day you reach your goal in fitness. No other training resource provides the reader the programming basics to specialize in one component of fitness or seamlessly program for comprehensive fitness and take the trainee from beginner to intermediate then to advanced and beyond - it’s a book for a lifetime of training. Exercise is dangerous - from 1 yard to 100 miles, 1 pound to half a ton, on land, in the water, on a bike - hazards abound and you need to pay attention to what your body tells you. But the body can adapt to much more than we give it credit for. If you use the concepts in FIT - no excuses, no whining, no shortcuts - and just get to the gym, garage, or wherever, and train hard, you will amaze yourself with results and how fast they are earned. 

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In Anatomy Without a Scalpel, the author, the coach, the scientist, the athlete, and the illustrator - all the voices presented - are all one pperrson. This nexus results in a unique presentation of anatomy applied to exercising humans. This book is not written for academics, it is written for anyone who wants to learn anatomy and its application to sport and exercise in as painless a way as possible. The book is a collection of the authors unfiltered thoughts, observations, notes, sketches, photographs, and lecture materials sewn together into a treatment of exercise anatomy for everyone, it speaks equally to the trainer and the trainee.

The first section of the book lays out basic principles of anatomy and learning anatomy, as it relates to exercise performance and coaching. In those pages many concepts that are not taught in generic university anatomy & physiology courses or in PE based kinesiology courses are presented. The second section delivers, from the ground up, a tour of the bones, joints, muscles, and other structures important to the human at work and play. Each chapter has integrated discussions of related topics - everything from the anatomical interface of the foot and shoe to the anatomy of a concussion.

Its available at Amazon

Related books from other publishers

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training - Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore (Aasgaard Co., 2007) (the accompanying DVD)
Practical Programming for Strength Training - Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore (Aasgaard Co., 2009)
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Dynamics of Sport & Exercise: Physical Activity from the Cell to Society - Lon Kilgore (Burgess International, 1997) *Out of Print*

Useful Books

Gray's Anatomy (The cheapest anatomy source you can find - $12 - old but pretty complete gross anatomy reesoource)
Gilroy's Atlas of Anatomy (Excellent collection of anatomical images)
Quirks of Human Anatomy: An Evo-Devo Look at the Human Body (Interesting, entertaining, and informative book by Lewis Held)
Guyton's Medical Physiology (The most expensive text I recommend - it is worth it - if you need to find outt hhow the body works in some aspect, this is the reference to use)
The Panda's Thumb (Gould - the master of making natural history fun to read)
Wendler's 5/3/1 (Instructions on how to implement a proven strength training program)
Westside Barbell Book of Methods (Louie Simmons' approach to powerlifting training)
Science and Practice of Strength Training (Zatsiorsky's presentation of the old Soviet sports training model - Read this one before attempting Supertraining by Siff & Verkhoshansky)
Olympic Weightlifting (Everett's presentation of Burgener's training methods for weightlifters - Better than what is presently put out by USA Weightlifting)

CrossFit Journal Articles by the Killustrator (some are free pdf downloads, some are subscription based)

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Paradigm Lost (2010)
Getting Some Leverage (2010)
Running the Wrong Way (2010)
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